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A non-smoking squirrel with a penchant for yoga...

...yep, that’s where our story starts. With just how ridiculous it can be trying to find something that’s both healthy and tasty. Sometimes it feels like it’d be easier searching for a non-smoking yoga-loving squirrel. The reason TIQLD exists is so some things in life don't have to be that hard.

You could say that TIQLD began generations ago, back up the family tree to when our Indian great, great, great grandmothers first crafted spice & herb blends. These are the magic that make healthy food naturally flavorful, without having to add too much salt or fat. 

From our tiny apartment in San Francisco, we tested ways to modernize & simplify traditional Indian family recipes. We condensed generations of EXPLORATION, MEMORY and PASSION into spice & herb blends that punch authentic, bold flavor into meat, seafood and veggies with just a few flicks of your wrist, or rubs of your fingers.

We source only the finest organic spices and herbs, which are all non-irradiated, and have pledged 2% of our revenues to nature conservation efforts.