Indira Nani's Masala

Indira Nani's Masala


Indira Nani rode a penny-farthing across the Indian heartland. But she collided with a cropper in Varanasi, flying off the handlebars and into the holy Ganges. She was saved by her culinary expertise, as her rescuer had heard of her famous tandoori chicken and wanted a taste. She’d crafted a spice & herb blend that flavored meat like a ride on rolling hills rushing down a ravine.

A twist-and-turn flavor sensation: dark and smoky with fragrant notes that detonate evenly.

Made from: Organic ground spices, Organic herbs, Organic ground turmeric, Organic dried garlic, Organic dried onion

Contents: 5 Single Sachets / 5 meals for three

Net WT: 40 g

Our blends are made-to-order & are shipped within 7-10 days of order date

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